Apportable SDK: Free Android support for cocos2d-iphone

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Kingdom Rush

Apportable allows developers to cross-compile Objective-C apps to Android, without maintaining a separate code base in Java. It is used by many top-rated games, including cocos2d-iphone titles like Kingdom Rush and Mega Run.

We are pleased to announce that Apportable is now offering a free version of our Android SDK for porting cocos2d-iphone apps. The Apportable Starter SDK includes:

  • Common frameworks used by cocos2d-iphone including Foundation, CoreFoundation, CoreGraphics, OpenAL, OpenGLES, libdispatch, and AudioToolbox.

  • Develop in Xcode! No need to create and maintain Android-specific makefiles.

  • A fully-functional debugger that can set breakpoints and invoke Objective-C methods.

  • The latest version of Clang with support for ARC, __weak, blocks, C++ 11, and more.

  • All the Objective-C runtime functions that you would expect, even swizzling, dynamic method injection, and block trampolines.

  • A more complete and compliant libc than the Android NDK.

  • Support for Android screen sizes with optional iOS screen size emulation.

  • Full Java support so you can call Android APIs and Java SDKs from Objective-C.

You can download the SDK today at Try compiling the open source sample apps, or give your own app a try. Deploy your cross-compiled apps to any Android store at no additional cost. And if you need even more awesome, we have a variety of upgrades available.

Let us know what you think in the comments or through Twitter (@apportable).

About the author: Collin Jackson is co-founder of Apportable, a San Francisco based company that helps developers build cross-platform apps in Objective-C.