Apportable has become the official Cocos2D sponsor

This guest post was authored by Lars Birkemose and cross-posted on the cocos2d-iphone forums.

I am very pleased to announce that Apportable has offered to sponsor Cocos2D. This effectively means, that cocos2d-iphone, is very much alive. It will now be possible to put some serious time into continuing the iOS/OSX branch of this amazing toolbox.

I think a moderate yay, is in place here.

I started using Apportable before I knew any of this was going to happen, and was immediately amazed with how well it worked. Those of you who actually read my rambling posts, will know, that I never have been a big believer in x-platform development. However, with Apportable I saw the possibility for continuing to use the best development tools, the best language, and the best community supported toolbox there is, and still being able to develop for Android. So I converted the java app I was struggling with to iOS, added the bluetooth java interface as Apportable described, clicked the big red button, and there it was. A fully working Android app.

When Riq asked me to take over Cocos2D, I did not hesitate to contact Apportable, to tell them that I thought Cocos2D and Apportable would make a perfect match. Luckily for us, Apportable felt likewise.

Cocos2D will continue to be a 100% free and community supported open source toolbox. Actually, I would like to put even more emphasis on all the stuff developed by the community. How that is carried out in practice, I am not certain about yet, but the idea I grapple with at the moment, is to break Cocos2D down into smaller, and more manageable components.

Right now I am busy winding down my contracted work, but during the next 4-6 weeks, things should slowly start to get into gear. My first big deadline will probably be, to be able to present a real goody-bag around the same time as that other API – what’s it’s name? Oh yeah, Sprite Kit – will be released.