Apportable Raises $2.4M seed round led by Google Ventures

Today we are thrilled to announce that we’ve closed $2.4 million in seed funding from Google Ventures, Morado Ventures,, and other angel investors.

What is Apportable?

The Apportable SDK cross-compiles Objective-C applications to Android, without extensive changes to the original codebase.  Unlike other cross-platform solutions, developers can use Apportable to build for multiple platforms without leaving the comfort of Xcode and iOS.  Using the same code on both platforms means better performance and fewer bugs, allowing developers to iterate on their app faster.

So how does it work?

Instead of translating the app to Java, Apportable cross-compiles the Objective-C code to machine code that runs directly on the Android device’s processor (no VMs were harmed in the execution of our code).  A platform library bundled with the app implements popular iOS APIs, so the app thinks its running in iOS.

Does Apportable convert source code to Java? Does Apportable emit Dalvik bytecode?

Absolutely not. All source is compiled to run on bare metal.  We compile source to ARM shared libraries, which is the way iOS apps are compiled.

My application is very complicated and has intense performance requirements.  Will it work with Apportable?

Our platform has been used with some very complex code bases. If you want to see some examples of apps that are powered by Apportable, check out Biophilia, Osmos, and more.

What APIs are available when using Apportable?

We support many APIs, more than could be listed here (usually it is just best to just try running the SDK on your app), but some of the common things we support include Objective-C 2.0, C++11, libdispatch, blocks, Objective-C literal syntax, ARC, Foundation, OpenGL, UIKit, StoreKit, GameKit... the list goes on and on.

How does Apportable’s UIKit work?

The current UIKit implementation uses Android’s views to render content, however we have a hardware accelerated QuartzCore backed version coming out soon.

Can I use Java?

Yes. This is purely optional, but you can call Android APIs and use custom Java classes in your Objective-C source code if you want, using our BridgeKit API (or pure JNI).

Where can I get the SDK?; the starter SDK is a free download.