Apportable Welcomes Peter Alau to Lead Business Development

Apportable is thrilled to welcome Peter Alau, former V.P. of Business Development at Digital Extremes, to the Apportable family.  Peter is a veteran of the electronic entertainment industry and has worked for Sony Computer Entertainment America, Maxis, Electronic Arts, Linden Lab, Sony Online, and GameSpy/IGN.  

On why he chose Apportable, Peter explains, “Apportable impressed me immediately. They are filled with brilliant engineers who not only grok the problem, but have exceptionally smart ways of solving them. What’s more, they do it very quickly - a requirement in the mobile world.”

Alau comes to Apportable to help us achieve our vision of creating the premier cross-platform tool set for mobile developers. As Peter explains, “Apportable wants to be the advocate and arsenal for the developer. Developers have been saying that the swelling renaissance in game design is currently hindered by platform tool limitations, so we are trying to level the field for all platforms and give developers freedom to build excellent games and other apps without worrying about OS issues.”

Alau will be running Business Development and evangelizing Apportable’s software and services. “It’s an infectious place to be, and I’m thrilled to be part of the team,” says Peter.