Hemisphere Games: "Our Apportable Android Experience"

Check out this post from Hemisphere Games on their experience using Apportable!

It’s been three equinoxes since Osmos launched on Android. In that time, quite a few developers have asked us about our porting experience, probably due to the quality of the port as well as the game’s success on the platform. Our answer: we worked with Apportable. “How was that?” people ask. Our answer is, in a word, “Great!”

The tl;dr version of this post is:

    • Apportable’s platform allows you to “cross compile” your iOS project into a native Android app. (A .apk which you can publish to Google Play, etc.)
    • Yes, it works. It’s kind of crazy.
    • The folks at Apportable are brilliant, professional, and downright decent.
    • You can now try their service for free, and depending on your app’s features, you may never need to pay them a penny.

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