Our Internal Spritebuilder Game Jam!

On Thursday, January 30th, 2014, Apportable had its first internal hackathon event - the SpriteBuilder Game Jam! This event celebrated the launch of SpriteBuilder in the Mac App store on January 21st. We had about 20-25 folks participate in the jam, many of whom had never tried making any type of game before. Each team had up to 6 hours to create their game and record a demo. Our celebrity judges, Nicole Aptekar, Benjamin "Benji" Encz, and Rob Jagnow, then selected their favorite jams from the day. All 13 entries were given honorary superlatives by the judges, and 5 entries were awarded Grand Prizes. These were the 5 winners along with their prizes:

Oregon Space Trail (Elliot and Zander) - Free Instapainting

Phogix (Breckin) - Naming rights to an upcoming animal in PG's game Animal Voyage

Silent Karaoke (Sergey) - Exotic Swedish Punch
Blink Dagger OP (Michael H. and Christina) - Logo/graphic of choice laser-etched into laptop

Operator Pong (Collin) - Original poem composed by Jim and Christina on topic of choice